WARNING:  May be disturbing for sensitive readers.

Brandon St. Germaine was at the top of the billionaire playboy heap when he learned about a side of the family that had been kept in secret. He left New York, moved to Texas, and took most of the corporate empire with him. But he worked at restructuring Germane Enterprises by putting trustworthy people in key positions to free up time better spent learning about the Texas motorcycle club branch of his family that had formed its own kind of dynasty.

His dad, president of the club his grandfather founded, spent three decades converting the club’s income sources to legitimate business dealings. One of the biggest earners was the security service. When a ridiculously wealthy, but scared father hired the SSMC to protect his daughter from a psycho she’s divorcing, Brand is assigned the job of shuffling her from place to place to keep her safe through the court proceedings.

A road trip with a stranger zigzags across the country using a plan that involves creative transportation and unusual destinations. When Brand meets Casey Gabriel at a private landing strip in Connecticut, the sparks that fire between them threatens that one of them will give in to the impulse to murder the other. But as the days of running together go by, they learn more about each other and slowly repulsion changes to attraction.

Get it today and find out why people are calling this series sexy with heart-throbbing suspense and maybe a little twisted!