Dear Amazon Reviewer: THANK YOU❣️ THIS MADE MY DAY!

fizzleswim says 5.0 out of 5 stars Magical 

Do you enjoy a well written book?

Do you like ” Science fiction” ?

Do you enjoy novels that include musical references?

Do you need a book that features strong women?

Do you love a book so well crafted that it’s as seamlessly lifelike as watching a movie?’

If so this book is for you! I truly enjoyed the idea of a magical music creature falling in love while not knowing what “love” is all while trying to do his job of helping to bring the joy of music to the world as he tries to convince a very special strong willed female to be his mate.

I also loved the historical representation of 1967’s American “Summer of Love”.

The fact that this book was written prior to the Spring of 2020 is kind of erie. The parallels that could be drawn between the developments which led up to the 1960’s ” Counter Culture ” and those that led to the 2020’s “Black Lives Matter” protest were interesting for me to consider and was an unexpected bonus to this book. Books that not only engage but encourage the reader to consider our roles in society while still entertaining the readers are masterpieces. You get all of these elements in this book and a love story with a happy ending…or happy beginning. 

I happily recommend this book.