946626_645208502175158_872620078_nSo what are “bad boys” anyway? I’ll bet you never needed it defined for you. I think women come with a vague sense of what it means.

The social scientists have a name for the phenomenon. It’s called The Dark Tryad. Seems that heterosexual women are predisposed to the attraction – not all, but a lot.

Here is the triple threat that typically defines a fantasy/romance version of bad boy.

1. He’s a love ’em and leave ’em player with magnetic good looks and fever-hot sensuality.

2. Hes’ a problem-with-authority rebel who may express that defiance in style choices that are antiestablishment, but nonetheless cool.

3. He’s often emotionally damaged, tragically misunderstood, but vulnerable to the one woman who will heal his wounds, polish his rough places, and turn him into a true blue whipster.

So far the men of the Black Swan saga have touched on bad boy without being fully baptized. However, members of Z Team, introduced in Book 4, Moonlight, are definitely going to go there.

Feel free to tell us about some of your favs even if they aren’t my characters. Some of the ones I love (by other authors) are Barrons from Fever Series and Kellan from Thoughtless trilogy.

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