Hey Everybody –

As you know, I’m working at being about the walk as well as the talk. The talk being www.SeasonsInAvalon.com for which I write the entire course curriculum.

I always wanted to play in a rock band so I spent a year doing that. www.Roadhouse-Band.com Now I’m managing Houston’s Premier Variety Band. www.nextlevelband.com

I’m not calling this a “bucket list” because I think it shifts the emphasis to finality rather than celebration. So I’m simply calling this “The List of Things I Must Accomplish In This Lifetime”. Next on that list is writing a paranormal romance series. The first installment is available on Amazon.Com in e-book form http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007V8RAKW#_ . Official release date is Saturday’s full moon – April 21, 2012. A separate website has been established for promoting the series www.VictoriaDanann.com along with this blog at VictoriaDanann.me.

Several years ago a person I respect and admire happened to say that a culture is changed through its stories (fiction) and not its facts. This book is a stand-alone novel that also sets the foundation for the series in place. Please be aware that this is a fantasy work of fiction for mature persons. As the series progresses I will be interweaving some of my own real life experiences in the occult and expressing some of the profound lessons that can come from the study of esoterica.

The second book in the series – The Witch’s Dream –  is blocked, outlined and ready for me to fill in blanks with what my husband likes to call “all my spare time”. Before I set a release date I must turn my attention to the 2013 version of Seasons of the Witch (due this summer)  or else thousands of www.7th-House.com customers will be coming this way with torches and pitchforks.