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For all the everyday heroines over forty who know it’s NOT TOO LATE for magic!

(a sampling of customer reviews on Amazon)

 “Pure Perfection”   Another 5***** paranormal /magical book by Victoria Dannan.”  – Diana Page

“Standing Ovation “ Unique and extraordinary. The first book was really good. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time! – S. Porter


“(Danann) has an excellent sense for pacing, comedic timing, and natural dialogue. One of the best things I’ve read over the past few years.” – Nora. S.

Unique in setting, tone and content. Danann’s writing is witty without over-doing the snark factor, warm without being cloying, and completely believable even though we’re talking elves, pixies and other paranormal critters.– L.N. Potts

” So much fun! Lots of intrigue in this book. It’s another laugh out loud, got you sitting on the edge of your seat, can’t wait to find out what happens next book! “ – P. James

“This series is true Danann. Rita is a mix of American style with an open mind to the magic surrounding her. The characters are well written and the situations presented at court imaginative. This is lighter fare than her Knights series, but entertaining and just what is needed to get away from the troubles of our time.” – Linda

“CAN’T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! It takes us through Rita’s first court. The detail, the arguments, her thought process and her justice dealing is brilliant.” – Amazon customer