My author’s assistant posed this to my street team. “How did you find out about Victoria? Amazon? A friend’s recommendation?”

The answers were fun to read, some surprising, but the best part is that quite a few added their impressions of the first book or the first couple of books. That’s how the Storm vs. Ram thing came up. Again. It’s a question that never seem to get old.

About 7 months ago I took a poll on my FB page that asked, “Who did you want to get the girl?” That was referring to the first book of the saga, of course, My Familiar Stranger. (The number who answered Baka still shocks me. I think there may have been one who wrote in “Sol”.)

The overwhelming majority said Ram, but there were some die-hards who STILL thought Storm was her guy and that the author should be summarily executed at dawn. I recently read a review on Goodreads that said something like “quitting at 48% – she was going to end up with the wrong guy anyhow”. Every time I think about that, it makes me smile because, even though that person only read half the book, she was emotionally invested enough to care about the outcome. (Yay me.)

Someone on my street team recently told me that she had a conversation with a friend, who was so pissed about the outcome of the first book she refused to continue to Book 2. Fortunately she was persuaded, coaxed, urged and cajoled into giving the series another try, but it made me wonder how many other people are still out there fuming.

Here are a couple of anonymous quotes from my street teams answers:

1, Honestly, I can’t remember how I came across MFS first. Think it was recommended to me through Amazon. I read the sample and was hooked. Will be honest though.. At first was disappointed with the ending because I was a Storm fan. Once I found out AWD was coming out, I knew it was going to be ok.. Them 2nd book made 1st book better in my opinion. Now Ram and Elora are my favorite!

 2. I love Ram but I was team Storm too I think that’s why it took book 2 and Litha to really hook me on the series.

As to the reason why it all seemed better after Book 2, it’s because the first book was (in my mind) Act 1 of a three act play. The first three books are like a trilogy within a saga. Just as I’m sure the artist in Peter Jackson would have liked to release The Lord of the Rings as one seven hour movie, I would have loved to release the first three books all at one time. Undoubtedly it would have saved both me and readers some grief. It’s the most wonderful thing to be far enough into the saga now to know that anyone who wants to continue the journey after Book 1 can do so without waiting.


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